Test & Exams

1. The college will be closed for Dasara Vacation from 28- 9 -19 to 9-10-19 andRe-open on 10thOctoberThursday, 2019.

2. The Re-opening and closing days are very important.

3. The Coaching Classes will start from 8.00 a.m. on 10thOctober. Students have to complete the assignments given and      submit to their respective lecturers.

4. The I yr. students must complete the two E.V.S Projects (details on the Notice Board) in the Vacation and submit to the      respective lecturers before 12thOctober.

5. All the students of both I and II yr will solve the Question papers of all Optional subjects, completely - without choice in 100      pages, long notebooks.

6. II yr Science student must ensure that all the Practical Records are complete and up to date in the holidays.

7. Students must try to complete all the written work, Projects and assignments by5thOctober and not leave it for the end.

8. There will be no morning Test on 10thand 11thOctober. Morning Tests will continue from 14thOctober(Monday).

9. Students who missed the Quarterly exams for any reason will have to write Re-exam

10. All must come in proper Uniform with I.D. on the Re-opening day with proper books according to Time Table.